Good Thoughts in midst of a Pandemic…

A large population may get infected with Covid-19 which is a harsh reality that we need to accept.

At the world surges with more and more cases, fear is being instilled in our minds and adding problems to our mental state.

Today, people are destroying themselves by burning the ashes of not so good thoughts crossing their mind.

In my honest opinion, don’t attach Covid-19 to your heart.

People from 5 years to 80 years have become negative.

The statistics may provide an ugly picture because data sanctity will always be an issue.

Those who lost their battle to this pandemic was not only because of Corona but also had other diseases, which they could not compete with.

The environment and fear of mind has created more turmoil across the globe. A large section of people have lost their resilience and not followed Covid appropriate behavior. So keep your thoughts positive and be happy.

Think Positive and believe good will happen as more and more people get vaccinated and don’t let their guard down.

Some interesting advice:

1. Don’t see or listen to more news related to Corona, you have already known all the information you need

2. Stop trying to gather more information from anywhere because it will weaken your mental state even more.

3. Don’t give virus related advice to others because not all people have the same mental capacity, some may be victims of depression.

4. Listen to music as much as possible. You may also listen to spirituality talks, hymns etc. Play board games with kids, sit with family and make programs for years to come.

5. Wash your hands thoroughly at regular intervals, also disinfect items regularly, meet any new visitor from 1 meter away.

6. Your tendency of negative thinking will increase depression and decrease your ability to fight the virus. On the other hand positive thinking will enable you to fight any situation or disease by strengthening you physically and mentally.

Stay Positive – Stay Healthy…

Love and selfishness cannot co-exist…

Love and selfishness cannot co-exist…

Nobody is perfect and no relationship is.

For a marriage to flourish, the man and the woman should ideally walk half way and meet at the center.

But in most cases, one partner walks longer than the other, and they don’t mind taking those extra steps.

However, what if your spouse expects you to walk all the way to them, while they do not budge?

Here are a few signs of a selfish partner:

1. They expect you to clean their mess.
2. They lecture you about your duties.
3. All that matters is their comfort.
4. They always come first.
5. Your life is filled with their choices.
6. Your vacations are for their happiness.
7. They lecture about savings, but won’t follow.
8. Demand physical intimacy.
9. They neither support nor appreciate.

Love and selfishness cannot co-exist.

When you truly love a person, you cannot see them suffer because of you.

And if your spouse is in the habit of ignoring your needs and expectations, then it is time to stand up and tell them what you think…

Love is in the intention…

Every person has a different way of expressing their love. One of the building blocks of a relationship is to stop judging your partner or spouse for their actions, but rather, understand the intentions behind their actions.

Instead of focusing on a person’s actions, focus on their intentions. Your partner may not express love the way you expect it, yet, that does not mean that there isn’t love in the relationship.

For instance, one partner in the relationship may expect romance and hand-holding. The other partner may not know how to express their love in that manner.

For a person who has grown up thinking that love needs to be expressed in private will not be able to show it in public in a matter of months. They are simply unaccustomed to demonstrative love. Notice the love in the intentions.

One of the building blocks of a relationship is to stop judging your partner or spouse for their actions, but rather, understand the intentions behind their actions.

Past Conditioning

About two months into a marriage, it was time for Diwali, here is a story from the initial days to demonstrate how people from different backgrounds have different expressions of love.

On his way back from office one day, the husband bought his own Diwali clothes. This is the practice he was used to since childhood, he explains. His father would give him an allowance and ask him to go and buy whatever he pleased.

His wife, on the other hand, was used to going out shopping with her entire family. This is something he was not aware of. Life does not come with a trailer of the past.

When the husband returned home with his purchase, his wife was livid. She refused to let him inside the house. At that moment, he failed to understand why she was so upset. Eventually, he learnt how her family circumstances dictated her expectation of love.

In her household, the entire family would go out shopping together. Naturally, she expected him to go shopping with her.

Love is in the Intention

The husband clarifies that he did love his wife. However, he did not know how to love her the way she wanted to be loved. She expected participation, he needed space and freedom.

In an attempt to impose what you do or what you like on the other, you may often end up distancing yourself from each other. You may also end up threatening the relationship.

Instead of measuring your significant other’s love for you through what they do or do not do, divert your attention to their intentions…

What’s important…

In a restaurant, one well-known chef cooked very tasty pulav using high quality rice. As soon as the pulav was ready, it’s aroma spread all over. Everyone’s mouth started watering.

Now they were all eager to taste the pulav. About a hundred people were served the pulav.

Just when every one was about to take the first bite & put it in their mouth, the chef came and said that there is a small stone in the pulav. As it was of the same color and size of the rice grain, he couldn’t find it. He said as it may come in anybody’s plate he would want them to be careful while eating & the stone might injure them if it comes in between the teeth.

The flavor of the pulav was good…. the taste was also great but now the fun of eating had gone. Everyone was like forcefully swallowing one bite after other without paying attention to the taste while eating. The more they became aware, there was no talk, no gossip among them. All were quite & silent. Before the start of the meal it was fun to be together. Now even though they were together, one by one, they fell into a trance. Everyone ate until the end. Even the last bite was taken carefully.

After completing the meal everyone sighed relief for not getting the stone. They washed their hands. Just then, someone noticed that no one got the stone.

Then they called the chef & asked him, “You had said that one of us will get the stone while eating!”

The chef said “I had removed most of the stones, but if there was one left by mistake, I wanted to warn you.”

They started looking at each other. There was no discussion about the very delicious pulav. Everyone was exhausted after the meal, because the ease of eating had gone. They had found it was so hard to eat!

Due to this pandemic at present, our condition has become like the stone in the pulav. It is not possible to say who will get this stone.

Ease of living is gone. Even the helping hand which comes forward, we think will get Corona? Milkman, vegetable vendor, grocer,… while buying every necessity of life, we are worrying what will come with it & this is how we are living our lives!

Earlier when one sneezed, we said ‘God Bless’ But now we think whether nature has pulled out our file or what? No one knows how many days this will continue.

This blog post is a humble request not to let your happy life become useless like the delicious pulav. Don’t read negative news, posts. Read motivating posts, information, books. Cultivate hobbies and buy happiness in kilos & tonnes just from youself!

Remember what’s important while eating… taste or the stone in your morsel of food!

The Company we keep…

Girlfriend gets back stabbed by her own best friend

Having one fake friend, is more dangerous than having five real enemies.

The company we keep has a big impact and influence on our lives. When we hang out with the wrong people, we end up in the wrong places and soon we start doing wrong things.

So be careful of the company you keep. Everyone has that one friend that they know is not the best influence on them. That friend that takes more than they give.

They consistently put you in uncomfortable situations and you know you’re not always safe around this person. We may think, “I’ve known this person forever” or “that’s my childhood friend”. But just because they’ve been by your side, doesn’t mean that they have your back. Just because they smile at you, doesn’t mean they’re happy for you. And just because they hug you, doesn’t mean they want the best for you.

If this video made you think of someone then maybe it’s time to cut that person from your life.

Be grateful…

The qualification that gave you a job is the same qualification someone has who still does not have a job.
Be grateful.

The prayer that God answered for you is the same prayer others have been praying but without success.
Be grateful.

The road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road where many others lost their precious lives.
Be grateful.

The temple in which God blessed you is the same temple other people too worship in, yet their lives are still in discord.
Be grateful.

The bed you used in the hospital, you got healed and were discharged is the same bed many other people breathed their last.
Be grateful.

The rain that made your field produce good crops is the same rain that devastated someone else’s field.
Be grateful.

Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your might , your talent or your qualifications, but it’s just the “Grace of God.” He is the giver of everything you have.

For everything you have, be grateful…


Maturity is when your old parents repeat the same story.

And you listen to it with a smile without telling them they have said it before.

Maturity is when your husband says he will help you with the dishes but doesn’t.

And you understand he genuinely wants to help but can’t juggle things as well as you.

Maturity is when your wife spends two hours trying out a new dish.

And you appreciate her efforts magnanimously, irrespective of how the dish turns out to be.

Maturity is the little changes we make in our lives daily for a happier life.

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